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Applied research

Effective methods and selection processes aiming at high and reliable yiels are newly developed in an international network with partners from breeding, science and industry in research projects. Together with our research partners from the milling, starch and food industry we open up new application opportunities for healthy foods with the new waxy grain qualities. This way, we contribute to an increased added value of the agriculture and food sector.

DIECKMANN seeds is involved in the following scientific cooperation and research projects:

  • Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V., Verbundvorhaben: Innovative Gerstensorten
  • GFP Verbundprojekt: GABI-GAIN / GABI-Future
  • Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, Verbundprojekt: Klimaroggen
  • Verbundprojekt mit Saatzucht Breun und Nordic Seed: COMMGENET

Our beta®Barley- Simply brillant!

About half million viewers informed themselves on 14.02.12 about the beta®Barley by DIECKMANN Seeds. The magazine "Simply brillant" by the German TV station MDR reports about genious innovations. Journalists from the MDR magazine visited DIECKMANN Seeds to report about the beta®Barley and the beta®Barley bread, which helps to lower cholesterol.

Inventor Centre Northern Germany (EZN)

The inventor Centre Northern Germany (EZN) celebrated its 30th birthday on 10th October 2011. Universities, businesses and inventors had the honour on this occasion and presented their inventions in Hanover. Also DIECKMANN Seeds with the betaBARLEY® joined the game.

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FEI - Project Of The Month

The research group of the food industry (FEI) has nominated the beta-glucan rich barley as the project of the month

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