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Benefits at a glance:

  • Innovative quality with beneficial impact on human health
  • Very good processability
  • Tasty and keeps fresh for a longer time
  • High yielding and easy to grow


DIECKMANN Seeds is the world leader in breeding barley especially targeted on the reqirements for an edible barley with beneficial impact on human health. Human food should contain large quantities of fibre, while this is not desirable in barley varieties used for animal feeding and brewing industry. Particular attention is paid to a special group of fibre, the beta-glucans. The DIECKMANN barley contains up to 12 times more beta-glucan than rye and wheat and about 50 percent more than oat and conventional barley. Thus we offer our barley under the brand name beta®Barley. Scientific studies show, that beta-glucan may lower the cholesterol level as part of a healthy nutrition. Only a few tablespoons of the tasty barley flakes are sufficient to provide you with the recommended daily dose of 3 g beta-glucan.


Beta-glucans – cholesterol-lowering and healthy!

Beta-glucans protect you against diet-related diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and colorectal cancer and they stimulate the immune system.Beta-glucans are high-molecular non-starch polysaccharides. They possess a water binding capacity of up to 40 times higher than their own weight. They bind bile acids and toxins in the human digestive tract and this way they avoid that bile acids may pass back through the intestinal epithelium into the blood. This activates the liver to an increased reproduction of bile acids from cholesterol. This means a reduction of the cholesterol level, whereas the concentrations of bad LDL-cholesterol is reduced significantly while the good HDL-cholesterol  concentrations are not affected.

Beta –glucans also slow down the resorption rate of nutrients into the blood and prolong the feeling of satiety. Nutritionists recommend a daily consumption of 4 g beta-glucan. According to scientific evidence positive effects on the cholesterol level are already given at a daily intake of 3 g. This amount is covered by 3 slices of the new beta®Barley bread or by 5 to 6 tablespoons of beta®Barley flakes.


Tasty and keeps fresh for a longer time

Beta®Barley shows strong processing characteristics. Due to the so-called „waxy“ property the starch consists of 95% amylopectin and only 5% amylose, which makes beta®Barley to be the first amylopectin-rich barley world-wide. This special starch profile results in a higher water bindig capacity and improved baking properties, similar to those of rye. More and more consumers all over Germany appreciate the new barley breads, because they are tasty, give a long feeling of satiety and keep fresh for several days. 


Good agronomic characteristics

Growing beta®Barley is easy, no special demands are required. The variety shows good agronomic characteristics and can be grown in many parts of Europe. The yielding capacity is at the level of conventional barley varieties.


High quality and safety

For ecological reasons the cultivation is carried out nearby the milleries. Only farmers, who commit to satisfy the high quality standards, produce betaGERSTE®. A good seedbed preparation and the use of certified seed directly from the breeder are necessary requirements for a grain production with high purity and quality. This is the basis to create to the consumer the trust and safety to do something good for their health with this barley.

Our beta®Barley- Simply brillant!

About half million viewers informed themselves on 14.02.12 about the beta®Barley by DIECKMANN Seeds. The magazine "Simply brillant" by the German TV station MDR reports about genious innovations. Journalists from the MDR magazine visited DIECKMANN Seeds to report about the beta®Barley and the beta®Barley bread, which helps to lower cholesterol.

Food Ingredients Europe 2011

The Emsland Group presents betaGERSTE® at the Food Ingredients Europe 2011


Inventor Centre Northern Germany (EZN)

The inventor Centre Northern Germany (EZN) celebrated its 30th birthday on 10th October 2011. Universities, businesses and inventors had the honour on this occasion and presented their inventions in Hanover. Also DIECKMANN Seeds with the betaBARLEY® joined the game.

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FEI - Project of the month

The research group of the food industry (FEI) has nominated the beta-glucan rich barley as the project of the month

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