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Our beta®Barley - simply brillant!

About half million viewers informed themselves on 14.02.12 about the beta®Barley by DIECKMANN Seeds. The magazine "Simply brillant" by the German TV station MDR reports about genious innovations. Journalists from the MDR magazine visited DIECKMANN Seeds to report about the betaBarley® and the beta®Barley bread, which helps to lower cholesterol.

beta®Barley at the Food Ingredients

The Emsland Group presents beta®Barley at the Food Ingredients Europe 2011

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Inventor Centre Northern Germany is celebrating its 30th birthday

The inventor Centre Northern Germany (EZN) celebrated its 30th birthday on 10th October 2011. Universities, businesses and inventors had the honour on this occasion and presented their inventions in Hanover. Also DIECKMANN Seeds with the beta®Barley joined the game.

FEI - Project of the month October 2011: beta-glucan rich barley

The research group of the food industry (FEI) has nominated the beta-glucan rich barley as the project of the month, because barley is more than only a product for the breweries! Researchers create conditions for the use of beta-glucan rich barley flour in bread, pasta and snacks.

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News about the health-claim for beta-glucans

The EU regulation on nutrition and health claims in food, the so-called health claim regulation, regulates the labeling and advertising of foods in terms of nutrition and health claims. The health claim for beta-glucans from barley is expected in 2012.

New barley breads were introduced on the regional show

During this year's regional show of Schaumburg, the bakers Guild, supported by the BÄKO Hildesheim, carried out a public test of bread and in close cooperation with Dieckmann Seeds from Nienstädt the Guild presented for the first time barley breads with the original betaBARLEY ®.

A grain from the beginning, newly discovered

Finally, after many hundreds of years, barley bread is again available on the German market. A new barley variety, with baking properties similar to rye, made it possible.

A grain from the beginning, newly discovered

Light grain rye with higher food value for pig feeding

According to the Bavarian State Institute for agriculture the hybrid rye varieties HELLVUS and HELLTOP are of great interest for the pig feeding sector. High and stable yields as well as the special nutrient density are in favour of it. Especially due to the high TGW and the low level of non-starch polysaccharides we can expect a high digestibility of raw nutrients resp. of the total organic matter as well as more metabolisable energy. The high content of crude protein means more essential amino acids for pigs, combined with reduced needs for expensive protein feed.The institute analyzed the nutrient digestibility with percentages of 40% of rye in the initial feed and 65% of rye in the final fattening.

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Provided by beta®Barley from DIECKMANN Seeds: Barley breads to lower cholesterol

The new barley bread has a lot to offer, namely beta-glucans. This was shown on TV by the ARD in the show "W Wie Wissen " of 04.09.2011.

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